Application process

STEP 1: Acceptance by the BNEN Teaching Committee

An application file consists of, at least:

  • the registration form (2021-2022);
  • a motivated application letter;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • transcripts of academic results;
  • when applying for a grant, a declaration of the non-employment situation (limited number of grants)

Send your application file to:

Kris Pennemans
Boeretang 200
B-2400 Mol

E-mail: (

STEP 2: Registration in one of the six partner universities

After approval by the Teaching Committee students need to register at one of the six universities.

Pay attention to all the registration procedures at your university. There can be problems when you want to spread the programme over more than 1 year. The processes at the Flemish universities are different than the ones at the French speaking side of the country.
For more information, contact the administration department of the university of your choice.

STEP 3: Access to the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre

All candidates will be screened by the Belgian Federal Agency for Nuclear Control for clearance and access to the nuclear infrastructure of SCK CEN. Admission to the programme will depend on clearance and access being granted.


  • International students: 15 March 2021
  • Belgian students: 15 June 2021