Do you want to know about all nuclear applications?


Then join the BNS-young generation at its YID-event 2012!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 9:00 until 17:30

SCK•CEN, Club-House, Boeretang 201, 2400 Mol

Discover more about a master-after-master programme in nuclear engineering provided by the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network (BNEN).

 Morning programme

  • Free breakfast
  • Presentations by professors, former students and young nuclear experts
  • Coffee break with information booths
  • Free lunch

Afternoon programme

Visit installations of the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre. Pick the installation of your choice via the registration form.

• BR1 – Belgian Reactor 1

The BR1 research reactor is a natural uranium, air-cooled reactor with graphite acting as a moderator, in operation since 1956. Today, it is mainly used as a neutron reference source for reactor physics experiments and as a calibration tool for nuclear instruments and detectors. Working at a maximum power of 700 kW, it has very safe operation mode and limited maintenance costs. It is therefore a flexible and useful instrument for training purposes. During this visit you will get an introduction on nuclear physics and reactor technology.

HADES – High Activity Deposition Experimental Site

HADES is a unique research facility. At 225m under ground, scientists study the possibility of geological disposal of highly active long-lived radioactive waste in a Boom clay layer. The construction of the underground laboratory demonstrated that it is technically feasible to dig out shafts and galleries in a clay layer. During this visit you will get an overview of the construction phases of the laboratory and the experiments that are being performed.


Fundamental and applied research is the engine of technological progress. SCK•CEN contributes to the development of innovative experimental nuclear installations. We are for example involved in the research on the next generation of nuclear reactors (GEN IV). MYRRHA will be the first prototype of a nuclear reactor driven by an accelerator. In the area of fusion technology, SCK•CEN contributes to the development of the test fusion reactor ITER in France. During this visit you will be introduced to our some of our innovative technological projects.

Radiation protection

SCK•CEN has specialised laboratories that study the effects of ionising radiation on man and the environment. We study for example how radioactive particles spread in air, water and the soil. Another example would be the study of the behaviour of bacteria in extreme environments (space, Antarctic platform, heavily polluted soils). During this visit you will be introduced to the activities of the research laboratories on radiobiology, radioecology en microbiology.

Evening programme (17:30 - 23:00)

  • Belgian Nuclear Society Young Generation (BNS-YG) Social Event @ De Moete, Leuven (Campus Heverlee) (More information).
  • Opportunity to meet young professionals working in the nuclear sector
  • Guest speaker: Gaston Meskens
  • Free reception, pasta buffet and drinks
  • Bus transport from SCK•CEN to Leuven is foreseen
  • Public transportation information from De Moete to Leuven Station (more info)