BNEN, the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network

BNEN, the Belgian Nuclear higher Education Network organises a one-year (60 ECTS) master-after-master programme in nuclear engineering. BNEN is organised through a consortium of six Belgian universities and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK CEN.

The primary objective of the BNEN programme is to educate young engineers in nuclear engineering and its applications and to develop and maintain high-level nuclear competences in Belgium and abroad. BNEN catalyses networking between academia, research centres, industry and other nuclear stakeholders.

All teaching activities take place at SCK CEN. Courses are organised in English and in a modular way; teaching in blocks of one to three weeks for each module allows optimal time management for students and lecturers, facilitates registration for individual modules, and allows easy access for international students.

Download the BNEN leaflet or BNEN brochure.