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General questions

  • All teaching activities take place at SCK CEN Lakehouse. 


    Boeretang 200

    2400 MOL, Belgium

  • The courses are organised in English and in a modular way; teaching in blocks of one to three weeks for each module allows optimal time management for students and lecturers, facilitates registration for individual modules, and allows easy access for international students. 

  • You need access to the domain for the practical sessions and visits (incl. controlled or secured areas). Therefore, each student needs to go through a screening procedure of the Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC). You need to complete several access documents and a medical fiche is also required.

    The medical fiche also includes getting a blood test at a medical institute or ask the results of your last blood test. The blood test cannot be older than 6 months when it is submitted to the medical department of SCK CEN.

Master thesis

  • The Master thesis is an important part of the BNEN programme (20 ECTS). We advise our students to start in time to look for a suitable thesis topic. You can look for an interesting topic within the SCK CEN (check the SCK CEN Academy website) or propose a topic yourself (industry). All thesis topics need to be discussed and approved by the BNEN Steering Committee and a jury will be selected.

    You have to give an intermediate presentation and a finale defense. Three fixed periods are foreseen:

    • End of January;
    • End of June;
    • End of August.

    You can already find these dates on the academic calender of BNEN.

    Read through the guidelines on the Master thesis, all deadlines must be respected.

    Good advice for your thesis work: maintain good/frequent interactions with your promotor and mentor(s). Keep them up-to-date on the status of your work. 

  • It takes more or less a month for the topics to be accepted by the BNEN Steering Committee, therefore we advise our (full-time) students to start looking for a position at the end of the Summer period/beginning of the academic year. In case you spread the programme over more than one year, you have a bit more time to find a thesis topic.

Part-time (working) students

  • Within the BNEN we have full-time and part-time students. Part-time students combine the BNEN programme with a job.

    Sometimes it is difficult amongst the full-time and part-time students to agree on an exam date. Therefore we suggest the students to discuss and arrange the exam dates far enough in advance, so it also fits in the agendas of the working students.

    Each academic year we have a student representative who is the first contact person for the professors and the BNEN secretary to arrange an exam date. Examinations can be scheduled at any 'free' moment in the academic calendar, also some study-examination weeks are foreseen during which exams can take place. 

International students

  • Yes, but places in the dormitories (student rooms) are limited.

    For more information regarding housing at SCK CEN, please contact residentie [at] sckcen [dot] be 

Students of the preparatory programme

  • Based on your diploma/background, the BNEN Steering Committee can impose an additional set of background courses (for a maximum of 60 ECTS), taking into account the contents of the curriculum already completed, and whereby previously relevent background courses may be valorized and accepted for credit transfer.

    You follow this preparatory programme at the university where your register for the BNEN programme (university courses) and in some cases we allow the student to follow this preparatory programme in parallel with the BNEN programme.

    The student can only obtain the BNEN degree after he/she also successfully passed all preparatory courses. 

Can't find an answer to your questions?
Do not hesitate to contact the BNEN secretary, Ms. Kris Pennemans via or call +32 14 33 88 53.

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