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Advanced course elective topic

Prof. Peter Baeten – Vrije Universiteit Brussel


90 hours study time

  • 16 contact hours theory
  • 0 contact hours exercises/laboratory sessions/visits
  • 40 hours additional personal work

  • The advanced courses are an essential part of the post-graduate programme for Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering, as they address specialized topics corresponding either to extensions of the contents of regular courses or to practical domains of nuclear engineering.

    • At the beginning of the academic year the Teaching Committee offers a menu of advanced courses.
    • The student communicates his/her choice of two one-day seminars to Prof. P. Baeten and the BNEN secretariat before October 15.
    • Students may submit to the Teaching Committee motivated proposals to follow advanced courses, not appearing in the menu offered. A course should be accessible to all BNEN students, differ significantly from the professional activity of the concerned students (if applicable) and present an academic added value to be eligible. If such a proposal is accepted, students will provide the course material in electronic format to the academic responsible.
    • Within 3 weeks after the event, students prepare a one-page note presenting a scientific/technical topic related to one of the seminars, which they want to present/discuss, and the main lines of the treatment they plan to develop. This treatment should be mainly based on a personal research, beyond the contents of the course material and of the seminars.
    • Comments on this note are sent by the academic responsible within a few days.
    • By the next 3 weeks, a 15 page report developing the topic selected by the student must be sent to pbaeten [at] sckcen [dot] be (Prof. Baeten) and the bnen [at] sckcen [dot] be (BNEN secretariat).
    • The respect of this deadline influences the mark received by the students.
    • Reports should display a clear structure (clear introduction and conclusion, references cited in the body of the text). A mark of 00 out of 20 will be given to reports presenting evidences of plagiarism.

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