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Advanced nuclear reactor physics and technology

Prof. Hamid Aït Abderrahim – UCLouvain


90 hours study time

  • 24 contact hours theory
  • 8 contact hours exercises/laboratory sessions/visits
  • 0 hours additional personal work (reading etc.)

    • Describe the specifics of the different reactor codes
    • Master the adjoint theory for neutron transport
    • Describe the 6 GEN IV designs accepted by the GIF
    • Give an overview on the on-going developments for Gen IV systems and perspective of deployment
    • Compare GEN IV with GEN II and GEN III reactors
    • Give specific attention to the Accelerator Driven System and its role in closing the fuel cycle
    • Give an overview of international networks and research infrastructures for GEN IV systems
  • Theoretical part

    • Reactor codes and adjoint theory – 4h
    • Reactor Physics for fast reactors – 4h
    • GEN IV reactor technologies – 6h
    • ADS reactor physics and technology – 6h
    • GEN IV and the closed fuel cycle – 4h

    Laboratory session and exercises

    • Lab session – GUINEVERE – 4h
    • Exercise session on reactor codes – 4h
  • The PowerPoint presentations of the lectures are available on the BNEN website.

    • Introduction to Nuclear Engineering – John R. Lamarsh – Third Edition
    • Reference Book for Accelerator Driven Systems will be provided
  • Courses in the following fields

    • Nuclear reactor theory
    • Introduction to nuclear physics and measurements
    • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • First and second session: written examination on theory and exercises (open book).

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